LIYO company to establish from 1987 has surpassed until now for 20 years, and set up the Shanghai  LIDA  powder metallurgy industry limited company in 1993 in Shanghai, 2007.5.1 from Shanghai Minhang area Qixin Road remove to Shanghai Minhang area JiDi road; Accumulated more than 20 years production to experience and to add on team of cooperation all staff, only then let the product be precise, perfectly, can have great popular support!! By the most outstanding specialized technical team, wins customer's trust and the approval, and provides the high quality the service, is deep customer highest satisfaction, continues forever goal of in order to the management.

Since our company long-time all has been observing four big management ideas, and through ISO9001-2000 international authentication:
1. Provides the high quality product
2. Short-term quick date of delivery
3. Fair price
4. Consummation post-sale service

1. small motor bearing
2. radiation ventilator bearing
3. oil-retaining bearing
4. electrical appliances business machine part
The product material quality altogether has: The iron is, the copper is, the copper steel department, and attains the customer high praise.